Who Is Mattress Mack?

Who is Mattress Mack?

Mattress Mack was born in Mississippi. His real name is James Franklin McIngvale and he owns the Gallery Furniture brand, hence the name Mattress Mack. 

Mattress Mack attended a high school in Dallas, Texas and was a student at the University of Texas as well as, the University of North Texas where he played on the football team both in 1969-1970 and 1972-1973.

After this, Mattress Mack worked at a convenience store but he got fired from his job. After he was sacked, he found a job at a furniture store where he worked attentively while absorbing the practices of the business and the trades of the furniture industry. 

After working at a furniture store, he was inspired to change his life and the competitive world of retail, he decided to open his own furniture store.

Mattress Mack started his business with only $5,000 and with a dream to make his name famous within the furniture industry. He started his dream in an abandoned model home. 

Mattress Mack then adapted a business strategy which included nailed signs, telephone poles and door to door flyers. This increased traffic within his business, and he had a $10,000 turnover.

Mattress Mack now owns three Gallery Furniture retailers, the original one is on the North Freeway in the US, the biggest store on Grand Parkway and the smaller Post Oak store also, in the US. 

While his stores are well known, his philanthropy is renowned as he has worked on special projects in the USA.

Mattress Mack helped build the first Mobile Stroke Unit for patients in the USA. He also, helped people when Hurricane Harvey hit in 2017 by offering individual shelter in his stores. 

Although, recently Mack served 3,000+ meals and provided overnight shelter to more than 700 individuals of Houston at Gallery Furniture who were affected by Winter Storm Uri. 

Mattress Mack has a wife named Linda McIngvale and they have 3 children.

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