What is the best Sofa Bed Mattress

What is the best sofa bed mattress? 

Need a sofa bed mattress? Wondering which is the best option? Well, you’ve come to the right place, we’ll guide you in purchasing the best sofa bed mattress, for all your needs. 
What are sofa bed mattresses? 
Sofa bed mattresses are specifically designed to fit inside your sofa bed’s mechanism and then folded away when not being used. Sofa bed mattresses are quite similar to traditional bed frame mattresses but are thinner due to the folding aspect of the mattress. 
Sofa bed mattresses come in a variety of thicknesses and the thickness is dependent upon your budget and the comfort level you require. 
How to find the perfect sofa bed mattress? 
Finding that perfect sofa bed mattress can be quite challenging as there are a range of factors to think of in terms of the size, comfort, firmness etc, but don’t stress as we can make life easier.  
Finding the right sofa bed mattress can be easy as long as you know what you want in your perfect sofa bed mattress. 
These are all important questions which should be considered, when choosing a sofa bed mattress as they can help influence your decisions when choosing a sofa bed mattress. However, with this guide, we aim to help you with the necessary information to find the most appropriate sofa bed mattress for your needs. 
As you may already know, there is a diverse range of sofa beds on the market with thin mattresses, mattresses as thin as 8cm, but luckily you have come to the right place. We have a range of different sofa bed mattresses which are designed to be used for everyday use. We have three types of sofa bed mattresses, the thickest being 14cm, compared to 8cm, 14cm is quite thick and more comfortable too. 
There is a range of different sofa bed mattresses and they are: 
  • Pocket Sprung 
  • Memory Foam 
  • Open Coil 
  • Reflex Foam 
Pocket Sprung 
Our Pocket Sprung mattress is 14cm thick and is formed like a traditional British Pocket Sprung Mattress. The springs which are in the sofa bed pocket sprung mattress are held within individual wool pockets. 
To read more about the different types of sofa bed mattresses visit: 
It really is best that you come to our website and check out our range of mattresses for yourselves. As I can’t tell you which is the best mattress, because it’s always our personal choice. Price also, doesn’t determine which one is the best as that is just the cost of the materials used to make the mattress. 

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