Why A Sofa Bed Without Armrests?

Why A Sofa Bed Without Armrests? 

A sofa bed can come with armrests, or they can come without armrests. Having armrests or not is a personal choice that a people will make based on what they want their sofa bed to be used for. 
Why do sofas beds come with armrests? 
Having armrests on a sofa bed is useful for some people. People who place their sofa bed in the living room for example will find use out of an armrest. Placing your sofa bed in the living room means you are likely to use it as a sofa, this means you will want to relax when you are on the sofa bed and armrests are a great way to relax.  
Why do sofa beds come without armrests? 
Sofa beds are very versatile and can be placed anywhere to transform your room.  
People may decide to place a sofa bed in a room they have decided to use as an office space when working at home. Having a sofa bed in an office room is great because it allows a person to have a comfortable place to sit down allowing them to work. Without the armrests the sofa bed becomes more convenient as you can add a desk without the chunky armrests getting in the way. Having no armrests also help to keep a person focused and gets them in a working mind-set when at home. 
Having a no arm rests sofa beds is a good idea for people who maybe be thinking of placing their sofa bed in a guest room. when putting a sofa bed in a guest bedroom the primary function will be a secondary bed for guests to sleep over night. Having armrests however can get in the way of someone trying to sleep. Having no armrests allows a person to have a flat place to sleep without the worry of bumping their head. 
Another reason why people may decide to have a sofa bed with no armrests is because they like how it looks aesthetically. Someone people look a minimalistic design. A sofa bed with no armrests can be used to fill in an empty wall space easily. 

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