Why Are Mattresses Expensive?

Why are mattresses expensive?

Mattresses can be expensive for a number of reasons, it can be because of the materials used and hard work that is put into making them, or it could be the size of mattress you decide to buy.

How much should you spend on a mattress?

There is no set price on how much you should spend, it all depends on what you need, to help get a the support you need while you sleep. A good quality mattress can cost between £300 - £500 but an excellent quality mattress can cost between £500 to £1000. So it all depends on your needs and who you are buying the mattress for.

Single mattress:

Single mattresses are usually made for a child’s bedroom or a bedroom that has limited space, they can fit into small spaces and they can be used in any rooms. The cost of a single mattress depends on the type of mattress. A single memory foam mattress can cost from £200 to £300. A single pocket spring mattress can cost £200. A single latex mattress can cost £400.

Double mattresses:

A double mattress can be used in any room, they are perfect for a teenager, a grown adult even couples, a double sized mattress is the most common and popular out of all mattress sizes. They can last a long time and you won’t grow out of them so fast. The pricing can vary depending on the materials as a double memory foam mattress can cost anywhere between £300 to £400. A double pocket sprung mattress can cost £300 and a double latex mattress can cost between £500 to £600

King size mattress:

King size mattress are made for people taller than 6ft, it is a perfect bed as it gives you room to roll around in and helps stretch out your back while you sleep. It gives you that extra level of comfort and makes it easier to relieve any pressure as you sleep. The type of mattress you have can affect the pricing. A memory foam mattress can cost between £400 to £500, a pocket spring mattress can cost between £300 and £400 and a latex mattress can cost between £500 to £600.

How long will the mattress last?

Quality of the mattress:

Your mattress will last longer if you buy a mattress that made out of excellent quality materials, for example spring, memory foam and latex they are the most popular materials in mattresses and they are excellent quality. Hybrid mattresses are an excellent choice as well as they have many different materials layered together making it, one of the best quality mattresses.

Maintaining your mattress:

How well you maintain your mattress affects the life expectancy, if you have kids jumping on your mattress then it won’t last long. If you have too many people sleeping on your bed every night then it won’t last long either, as too much pressure is being pushed against the materials inside the mattress and it will wear out quicker than usual. Not flipping your mattress can cause the life expectancy of your mattress to lessen as your not keeping it to a good standard, flipping a mattress helps distribute the weight and balance out the mattress, not doing so can affect how well the mattress supports your body at night.

How much you spend:

How much you spend on your mattress can affect how long it will last, if you buy an expensive mattress then expect the mattress to last longer as it is made from better materials, then a cheaper mattress that is made from low quality materials. 

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