Why Are Sofa Beds So Expensive?

Why are sofa beds so expensive?

Quality of materials

The springs, stuffing, wooden frames, and fabrics are four crucial components in making a sofa lasting and of great quality. If a sofa maker decides to cut corners on any of these elements, the quality of the sofa will suffer.

The quality of solid wood components, sofa filling, and springs can increase the cost of a sofa. Some common woods used in couches, such as oak and maple, are not cheap, but they should be preferred because they give the foundation for your sofa to be supported on.

The type of sofa bed filling you select can also have a significant impact on price, with feather fillings being the most expensive and luxurious.

Springs are relatively inexpensive in comparison to other materials, but they must be of high quality because they provide additional support to the sofa structure.

The fabric used to manufacture your sofa should also be considered. The fabric's value might vary greatly based on the material used, the pattern/print, and the manufacturing process. Leather and velvet are two high-quality fabrics that can cost well over £1000 depending on the type of sofa you want.

Design / Style

Corner Sofas - Because they are larger than your typical 2 or 3 seater sofa, corner sofas are also more expensive. Many people choose corner couches because they make it easy to become comfy on your sofa.

Sofa Beds - Sofa beds have the added benefit of folding out to create a bed when needed. These are especially useful in rental apartments or hotels where space is limited.

Recliner Sofa - Recliner sofas are more expensive because they have a built-in mechanism that allows you to recline the backrest at an angle and lift the leg support for added comfort. Some recliners use an electric motor to operate their mechanism, while others use a mechanical switch, with the electrical versions allowing for more position customization.

Style also has a significant effect on couch prices, as individuals are willing to spend extra for a specific style of sofa that they prefer. The following are some of the most popular styles on the market today:

One of the styles being modern - One of the most popular types of sofas today is the modern style sofa. The modern style is simple and often created from natural materials. These types of sofa beds are typically seen raised from the floor, with as little ornamentation to the seats and armrests as possible to maintain a simple appearance. Modern sofas are generally economical due to their simplicity.


Sofa beds also take up less area than a standard-sized room and are more comfortable than an inflatable bed. The days of having a sofa bed meant putting up with an uncomfortable sofa to sit on are long gone. The market is brimming with couch beds worth the cost, thanks to new technology and greater attention to comfort. Overall, they are a great investment.

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