Why Are Upholstered Beds So Popular?

Why are Upholstered beds so popular?

Upholstered beds have increased in popularity rapidly in the last few years. They are featured in every magazine, Pinterest board and Instagram page, they are the centrepiece of the most lavish bedrooms. There are many reasons why the upholstered bed has gained so much popularity and we are going to look at why in this blog.

Upholstered beds are versatile and customisable- Regardless of your vibe, whether it is more minimalist or maximalist. No matter what your vibe and preference the upholstered bed can suit any aesthetic and décor this is because you can customise the whole bed. You can choose the colour, pattern, material and shape of the bed to match and go with your bedroom décor and furniture.

Upholstered beds are comfortable- Upholstered beds are very comfortable because of the plush padded upholstery, they are a lot more comfortable than wooden or metal beds. Upholstered beds are perfect for anyone who likes to read in bed, watch tv in bed or just have a good old night's chat this is because the headboard is cushioned and soft so it’s perfect to lean against whilst you are doing any of these activities.

Upholstered beds are personal- Upholstered beds are very personal and almost become an extension of your personality. This is because they are entirely designed by you and fit your taste and preference entirely.

Upholstered beds are convenient- Upholstered beds are very convenient and low maintenance compared to the other types of beds out there. Though the upholstered fabric may need the occasional vacuum especially if you have pets, these beds are quite low maintenance if you are aware of what to look for. Upholstered beds are also convenient as they don’t require box springs and if you have a smaller bedroom and require more space they also have beds with storage space too.

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