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    Why Bed Frames Are Important

    April 22, 2022 1 min read

    Why Bed Frames Are Important

    Bedframes provided numerous benefits and varying methods of support to both you and your mattress. A particularly good bed frame will allow your mattress to remain stable for significantly longer alongside redistributing the users weight evenly. 

    Different bed frame types can offer different levels of support. Some might even change the feel of your mattress, an example being sprung slats. Therefore, a bed frame is extremely versatile in terms of support. Also, there are specific bed frames for different mattress types to provide even better support. An example being, there are bed frames designed for memory foam mattresses. 

    Not using a bed frame can also have some adverse effects on yourself and your mattress. Moisture may start building up inside when the mattress is not elevated, inviting dust mites and mould. This can lead to allergic reactions and, thus, a lower sleep quality. 

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