Why Do Some Mattresses Have Fibreglass?

Why do some mattresses have fibreglass?

Because of its capacity to tolerate extreme heat and not catch fire even at extremely high temperatures, fibreglass is used in some mattresses. Because of their greater mechanical strength, they are more resistant to general severe hits, youngsters jumping, and environmental damage. They are inexpensive and prevent water from penetrating deeper layers. They have the ability to adjust temperature and use less energy in the fabrication process. Remove the outer cover of the mattress and clean it with a duster and moist towel.

Fibreglass beds have a number of advantages that are driving up demand in the market, particularly in Western countries.


Because of their damage-bearing capabilities, fibreglass mattresses are resistant to temperature changes and last a long time making them durable. It is resistant to chemicals and can survive the jumping of youngsters in their bedroom beds and sofas. Even a hard blow is tolerable to them, and with good maintenance and no tension to wear and tear, they can last for a long amount of time.


Because of its fireproofing substance and sustainability, these are less expensive and have a longer life duration, whereas other mattresses require chemical retardants during the manufacturing process to make them non-combustible.

Fibreglass is not found in every mattress; it is typically found in low-cost mattresses that are affordable to low-income families and do not catch fire. Its cleaning is inexpensive; simply use a moist towel and foam to clean it.

Environmentally friendly

Fibreglass mattresses are environmentally beneficial because they do not use much energy during the manufacturing process. They are favoured at Furnitureful since they are easy to produce, pack, load, carry, and use at home without wasting too much energy.

Non-toxicity is an important quality of fibreglass because it does not utilize chemicals to avoid fire flames. Toxic chemicals are used in most foamy goods to prevent fire and burning, making them deadly and hazardous.

What types of mattresses have fibreglass in them?

  • Spring mattress
  • Hybrid mattress
  • Memory foam

However not all mattresses are compelled to acquire fibreglass, and even if they are, it is not recommended for a variety of reasons. One reason is that the fibreglass is difficult to remove, after washing the bed since it spreads everywhere. It appears that washing these beds is nearly impossible due to the presence of binding agents, and cleaning them is both time-consuming and costly. If it is not carefully managed, it can accumulate in the air, causing respiratory problems and serious diseases.

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