Why Does Desk Height Matter For Your Posture?

Why does desk height matter for your posture?

How does a desk height affect your health and posture?

Did you know the height of a desk can have a profound impact on your life this is because the height of a desk can affect posture, health and productivity? By purchasing the right office chair and desk height you can steer clear of many negative consequences such as joint pain, back injuries and many more.

Why does the height of a desk matter?

When you are sitting in an incorrect position to accommodate for an incorrect desk height or a poor quality office chair results in you subtly contorting your body in a way that is uncomfortable for you, whether that may be your legs, arms or even wrists. This will consequently result in back and neck pain and in the worst-case scenario an incorrect desk height can even lead to permanent back damage or even disc damage.

As well as the wrong desk height affecting you negatively, the wrong monitor height can also cause tension in both the shoulders and neck. This with an improperly adjusted office chair will start to affect the natural curvature of your spine. This will cause you to stand up and sit down with an incorrect posture this will be because of all the hours you spent hunched over whilst you were working. Having poor posture can cause you immense pain, usually in the form of lower back pain.

What is the standard desk height?

The standard desk height is 73 to 80 centimetres. However, the height of the desk should depend on the height of the user.

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