Why Is A Bed Frame Important?

Why is a bed frame important?

When it comes to sleep furniture, the list may seem endless. You splurge on so much expensive items, each putting a dent in your budget: the mattress, the mattress protector, mattress topper, the sheets and now the bed frame.

A bed frame may seem as if it is optional, even more so in comparison to a mattress as you think: isn’t a mattress enough? Why is a bed frame necessary? The need for a bed frame is often overshadowed by the existence of a mattress. You may think that it is okay if you can just put the mattress on the floor. So, is a bed frame really that important?

Support and comfort

A good bed frame will give your mattress the right support, and so that it can support you. It is so important your mattress has the correct foundation so that you can enjoy the full benefits of a good mattress. There are even different bed frames designed for different mattress types, so that you can be supported properly. As well as this, a bed frame also effects the comfort a mattress can offer you to! For example, spring slats can help your bed feel less firm! You will be feeling more comfortable, whether your bed frame is made from leather, fabric, has sprung slats or is a wooden bed frame. All in all, leading to better sleep. 

Protects from dust mites and allergies

Your bed frame means that your further away from the floor, which not only adds to the comfort level but also means you are more hygienically safe from dust, bacteria, dust mites – you are protected from catching allergies which is poor for your health and worsen sleep quality. When you have your mattress on the floor, it directly absorbs moisture, including mould and dust mites which triggers allergy symptoms.

Bed frame increases breathability 

Why have bed frames been create? Well, one of the reasons why the ancient Egyptians first used bed frames similar as what we know of them today so that its elevated positioning offers a cooler sleep from the hot floor. Bed frames serve the same purpose today, it can keep sleepers cooler. Not only that, but an elevated bed also allows air circulation which protects the sleeper from a stuffy and polluted air during their sleep, protecting sleeper from dust mites and mold. The air flows through under, around and above the mattress and will protect sleeper from allergies. 

Mobility and health issues

Bed frame offers your mattress to be elevated. This means sleepers can easily get in and out of bed, not having to dive inside to get into bed or climb up to get out. This is great for sleepers who have mobility issues, the elderly or people who have any other health conditions (such as back pain, neck pain, joint pain, chronic pain) 

Mattress longevity

If your mattress is supported, then your mattress will have been prevented from sagging, and damage from dust mites, allergens, and bacteria. This results in an extended mattress life, and you may have even protected your mattress warranty as some are void if you haven’t used a correct bed frame!

Aesthetically pleasing

And lastly, you can’t deny that a bed frame adds to a more visually pleasing look to your bedroom. If you picture your room with a mattress on the floor, it may look blander and lacking in something. Your bed frame is a key addition to give your room the more completed and aesthetic look. 

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