Why Is It So Important To Clean Your Sofa?

Why is it important to clean your sofa?

There are many reasons for why it is important to clean your sofa regularly the most obvious reason is to maintain a certain level of hygiene but there are also other reasons which I am going to talk about. 

Why is it important?

Saving money- It is important to clean your sofa as you most likely spent a large chunk of your money on it, and you would obviously like to get your money worth out of the sofa. So, if you are cleaning your sofa on a regular basis and trying to maintain it as best you can then you will be saving money as you won’t need to purchase a new sofa for an even longer period of time, which will of course save your money

Keeps the sofa comfy- When you look after your sofa and make sure its clean it will keep its function for a longer period of time. Even the most expensive sofa with the best material can lose its comfortability if its not being take care of. This is because not cleaning a sofa and maintaining it can alter the materials i.e., the fabric of the sofa which will affect how comfortable the sofa is but if you do clean the sofa then then it will maintains its comfortableness. 

Preserves the exterior- Cleaning your sofa on a regular basis will help to preserve the exterior which is the look of the sofa. It will maintain the colour of the sofa and keep the texture of the sofa material as it should be. Cleaning your sofa will of course also get rid of stains and eliminate bad smells.

Promotes a clean and protected atmosphere- Cleaning your sofa can also improve the air quality as it will help to get rid of mould and allergens. Sofas can also grow bacteria, pathogens and dirty if they aren’t properly cleaned on a regular basis, all three of these organisms can cause health risks. The organisms can be let out into the air every time the sofa is being used. 

How to clean the sofa:

Overall upkeep- To upkeep the hygiene of your sofa you should vacuum it regularly. This is to clean any crumbs that may be on the sofa or stuck in the sides and seams of the sofa. It is important to vacuum every inch of the sofa as there could be dirt and crumbs hiding anywhere. 

Cleaning stains- if there is a stain on the sofa from a spill you should use a dry cloth to blot over the strained area to absorb any additional liquid. You should also always check cleaning instructions for the sofa to see if it safe to use water on it.

Cleaning products- if you wish to use cleaning products when cleaning your sofa, you should always do a small patch test first to see the affects the products may have on the sofa, you should do this on an area of the sofa which isn’t visible. Once you have done the patch test and have seen that there is no visible damage to the sofa then you can carry on and use it to clean the rest of the sofa or an affected area. 

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