Why Is My Mattress Starting To Dip?

Why is my mattress starting to dip?

What is the dip in my mattress?

The dipping of a mattress is generally because of the usual wear and tear that happens to a mattress from everyday use. The foam that is used in the mattress starts to soften over time, this is because as the mattress is exposed to substantial pressure every night from the sleeping individual.

How to minimise or prevent the dipping of a mattress?

Flipping the mattress

You should flip your mattress regularly as this can prevent uneven wear that is caused by sleeping in the same place on the mattress every night. It is recommended to flip a mattress around every three weeks if it is used every night. You should switch between flipping the mattress horizontally and vertically to make sure that there is an even use on all the springs.

Using a bed board

You should use a bed board as it provides additional support to the mattress and is highly recommended for people who suffer from back and joint pains. If you do not wish to buy a bed board specially made for this purpose, then you can place a piece of plywood in the middle of the top layer of the mattress and the bottom box springs. This will provide support to the mattress; however, this is not a long-term fix for a bed that has severe dipping.

Reinforcing the slats

The slats are just pieces of wood that are placed under the box springs and sometimes they can get damaged, generally, this happens because of an unexpected impact on the bed. It's very easy to replace broken slats and or even add more slats for additional support, it’s as straightforward as putting cut boards into place. You will have to remove the mattress and the box springs from the bed so you can see the bed frame that is underneath. Then you will need to measure the slats that are already on the bed and cut your own to match. Lastly, you add each slat into the bed frame between the sides at even distances down the whole stretch of the bed and then change the mattress and the box springs when you are done.

Buy a new mattress

It is a known fact that mattresses are not designed to last indefinitely, a mattress will generally last around 10 years before it becomes worn out from everyday use. If you have tried adding additional support and it has not fixed the problem or at least minimised it then it might be time to purchase that new mattress.

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