Why Mattresses are Important?

Why Mattresses are Important?

Our sleep life had a great impact in our day-to-day, waking life. If we are not sleeping correctly, we not only wake up moody and groggy which sets a poor tone for the day, but it may be encouraging poor health. There are several reasons why mattresses are important, that effect both our physical and mental health.

1. Better sleep

So, does a mattress improve sleep? In fact, yes - a good mattress correlates to improving the quality and quantity of sleep.

A comfortable mattress helps you fall asleep much faster, giving not only a sufficient quality of sleep, but quantity too. You will be able to get in those extra minutes or even hours in.

During our sleep, we are improving our sleep quality. Mattress studies emphasise how a mattress is crucial in enabling our body to turn during the night to restore blood flow, oxygen, and nutrients in our blood vessels. A good mattress helps the body to reduce pressure points too.

2. Correct sleeping posture.

A good mattress will reinforce and support correct spine alignment. In return, promoting good sleeping posture and relieving pressure points. Issues such as joint soreness, mobility issues and pain in back, shoulders and even neck won’t be festering if you have a good mattress.

3. Minimise severe health risks.

Your sleep lifestyle affects the development of a myriad of health conditions, with simply assuring you have a great quality mattress can help deter you away from serious health problems, such as: 

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain 
  • A Weakened immune system 
  • Heart conditions 
  • Obesity

4. Drowsiness

We all know that feeling after a poor night sleep – the grumpiness, the lack of energy and even a high temper. Stress is even a huge factor that can be triggered too. A lack of sleep affects us more than just our physical health.

A wide range of mood swings can occur if your mattress is the leading factor of a poor night sleep. Feeling drowsy and lethargic is one of them, and can seriously put you feeling unproductive, socially disconnected and emotionally drained.

5. Higher performance and better memory 

Think about it, if your mattress that is causing a poor night sleep, soreness, health conditions or emotional turbulence, it is most likely going to affect your performance at work or school.

Good sleep helps our performance during the day, boosting creativity. It helps our abstract, logical, and collectively the intellectual skills that keep us on the ball and productive at work or school.

Not only that, but when we sleep our brain isn’t switched off as one might think. In fact, our brains during our sleep are so active that skills such as creativity are still developing. Our brain ‘consolidates’ knowledge, putting information in more permanent areas of our brain, enabling better memory and the collated information to form new, creative concepts.

6. Weight

The hormone leptin – which is in charge of decreasing and controlling appetite – is regulated during the night. An insufficient amount of sleep may lead to this hormone to not be regulated properly, and therefore leading to unhealthy food indulgences. Snaking and craving those sweets, chocolates, and foods high in fat/sugar can lead to obesity and high cholesterol.

As well as this, a good mattress will enable a sleep that allows your body to re-energize to its full physical potential. Meaning, your workouts are boosted with energy and enough drive to stay consistent. this again helps weight control.

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