Why Should You Use A Desk Lamp?

by Dylan Bowen August 17, 2022 2 min read

Why should you use a desk lamp?

It’s important to have good lighting whilst you are working at your desk whether that be if you are reading, writing or typing away at your laptop. As a generation we spend way too many hours staring at the glaring light of a laptop, desktop or phone in conjunction with the natural ageing process this is not good for our eyes.

What are the effects of poor lighting and screen glare on the eyes?

The majority of us work and play with screens and the shifting of pixels can do a number on our eyes. As we age the amount of light we require increases each year. Whilst having minimal light when reading a book can’t really affect your eyesight it can make you less productive. However, not having an adequate amount of light can make existing eye conditions such as cataracts and retinal issues worsen.

How to choose a good desk lamp?

The simple way you can avoid the negatives of bad lighting and screen glare is by investing in a good desk lamp. The main purpose of a desk lamp is to get rid of the symptoms of eye strain by minimising the contrast of the screen and then the dimness that surrounds it. Here are some tips you should keep in consideration when purchasing your desk lamp.

Adjustability - A good desk lamp is adjustable in both height and direction. It should fit the proportions of your desk.

Type of bulb - There are three types of bulbs for every lamp that you can choose from - LED, fluorescent, and incandescent. The LED bulbs are the most ideal as they last the longest.

Illuminations range - According to studies 90cm both to the left and right should be a suitable illumination range. Standard desk lamps provide illumination of 30cm to 50cm, you should have more than one lamp if you are working across more than one screen.

Keep the light on - When you are working long days and late nights having a desk lamp is crucial. It is not only essential for your productivity but also for your overall health and well-being.

Dylan Bowen
Dylan Bowen

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