Why shouldn’t you put your mattress on the floor?

Why shouldn’t you put your mattress on the floor?

One reason is for the allergies. If you are a person who has allergies putting the mattress on the floor is a very bad idea. The dust and the bacteria from the floor will get sucked into the mattress since the floor is the most likely place to accumulate dust, bacteria and allergens. Moreover, the bacteria on the floor will be underneath the mattress. This will in time lead to mould forming underneath the mattress. This process will speed up if the weather in your area happens to be humid and moist. This will not be healthy and safe especially if you are the one sleeping on the mattress. Also having mould form under the mattress will make the floor the mattress is on unsafe to be on top of. With mould under the mattress, it will eventually break the support core of the mattress. This will have made the life of the mattress shorten dramatically, cause problems for your posture while you sleep resulting in back pain and shoulder pain to mention a few. In the end you will be required to get rid of your mattress and buy a new mattress costing you money.

How high should a mattress be off the floor?

For the average adult it would be between 16” to 24”. This is due to the knee height for an adult. But to easily find out what height your mattress needs to be off the floor is to sit on the mattress and if your knees are at a 90-degree angle that is the height your mattress needs to be for your specific knee height. Plus, you must make sure your feet can touch the ground from the mattress. This criterion is targeted around the elderly. This is because of the pains they receive from their joints, so it makes the option of jumping out the bed not possible. 

How do you lower a bed that is too high?

  • Remove the castors or wheels.
  • Change the bedframe. 
  • Cut the wooden posts to desired length.
  • Buy a thinner mattress.

What do you call a bed that is too high off the floor?

The term for this would be a platform bed frame. This type of bed frame is often used to give a minimalist look with four raised posts with the mattress several inches higher than normal off the floor.

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