Why Use a Mattress Protector?

Why use a mattress protector?

Spilt drink in bed? Mattress protectors are major live savers, and have many benefits, not only for the user, but the mattress itself. One might think that mattress protectors are nothing more than an extra piece of fabric, well this blog might just change your perspective as they are a lot more than that.

1. Mattress protectors saves your mattresses from stains, spillages, and marks.

Do you tend to relax on your bed with your favourite T.V show, or series set up, with a drink and some snacks? Or maybe you love to draw, paint, or write in your bed and are prone to marking it?  Well, commonly it’s easy for your mattress to be ruined with drinks, food, ink, paint or whatever you enjoy using.  Even perspiration can soak into your mattress, leading it to stain an unpleasant brownish/yellowish colour, which is quite unattractive and decreases the quality of the mattress.

Having a mattress protector will make it easy for you, as this removable protector can be easily washed in the washing machine. You don’t have to worry about any accidental or unintentional stains; you don’t have sacrifice your hobbies because of fear of staining your mattress too. Many mattress protectors are waterproof, so cleaning them won’t even be a big headache!

2. Mattress protectors keep you healthy, safe, and hygienic

Our mattresses collect dead skin, dust mites and bacteria overtime which are major triggers for allergic reactions and even conditions such as throat/chest irritation as of inhalation.  You don’t have to damage your health, and ruin your day with coughs, sneezes, and watery eyes.

Along with this sweat, oils and even make up are prone to secreting inside the mattress – mattress proctors are a barrier protecting your mattress as well as you directly from bacteria. Keeping clean and hygienically safe is extremely important for our health.

3. Mattress protectors keep mattress in good condition

Mattresses should have a lifespan to up to 8 years- we all want to get the best of our money when buying a mattress. To keep your mattress in a good condition for as long as possible, a mattress protector will play a huge role in preserving the mattress for a longer time – keeping it feeling, looking, and smelling good. Not only that, but it will be financially advantageous for you as well!

4. The warranty will be protected

Mattress protector will help assure that your warranty is approved in the case of an issue, error, or fault with the mattress.  If you accidently stained something on your mattress, then your warranty will be invalidated even if there was a issue related to the product

5. Comfort

The added comfort a mattress protector offers is a great addition to why mattresses protectors are needed. Who wouldn’t love to make their bed as comfortable, luxurious, and relaxing as can be?  It will make your sleep quality better and minimize sleep disturbances. The more layers, the better!

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