Will A Bed Fit In A Van

Will a bed fit in a van?

The first thing that you need to note down is that the van and the mattress must be the same size. Here is roughly how each mattress size can fit in a cargo van.

  • King size mattress – only at an angle
  • Queen size mattress – probably flat or at an angle
  • Full size (double ) – yes

Cargo vans have a long space of 100” (short wheelbase)-125” (medium wheelbase). The average width is 65-70”, and the average height is 69”-80” (high top).

The most popular van can fit most mattress sizes. Even wheelbase models can hold all types of mattress sizes.

Mattress sizes

The mattress sizes are different in different countries, if you are based in a different country then you take that into account.

King size

In the US they measure 76”x 80” but elsewhere like in China 72” x 83”

The variation in size is quite significant after you can think about your standard cargo van with a storage area that is about 100” x 65” with the lowest version at 65” high, as none of the king-size mattresses can be laid flat apart from those that get it from the UK or Europe.

For example, in the US the is no way the king-size could lie flat in the back of a cargo van. The mattress is 80” and the shortest van floor is about 100”, which will leave the shorter side of the mattress to 76” and the high-top has 80”. this will leave a 4” gap between the top of the mattress from the roof of the van. this isn’t even considering the extra thickness in the van.

Queen size

The measurement of this mattress is between a king-size and a double which again can be different in every country. Some countries skip out the size of the mattress completely. The standard US size is 60”x 80” as in its 48” x 80”. The standard US mattress should be flat which will leave 20” that leaves the long sides and 5” free on the shorter sides.

This is going to be a tight fit as it can be, if the van has any variations in the slightest, you could struggle. The van won’t be affected by the dimensions you can lie the mattress flat without any trouble.

This mattress can come in handy when you go camping that can be attached to the side of the cargo. the bed can be made in the back of the van. But the space that is left which is 5 inches is hardly anything you can play within that space. You may find out that the mattress doesn’t fit at all.

Full size

Full size is often known as double in some countries and varies from place to place. This is the smallest mattress of the three and should fit in the cargo with no problem. The Europe the dimensions are 55” x 79” unlike in Australia it’s 542 x 77”.

The standard short wheelbase cargo is about 100” x 65” x 69” you should.t have any problem with carrying any of these mattresses, either lying flat or on their sides.

How big is a cargo van?

There are two different types of models that are out there, and some have features that can impact how much they can carry in the back. Some may include the passenger seat that is behind the driver seat which can reduce the amount they can carry significantly, although the seats can be folded down. So, carrying a mattress, however folding down seats won’t help because then you won’t be able to lay down the mattress flat, and wedging it or putting it at an angle could seriously damage a sprung mattress. Other mattresses, like the memory foam mattress, can save you the distance when loading this way.

If you carry a mattress regularly in a van or use it for camping. There are ways that you can fit out the back of the van that it than can fit for purpose.

Add a false floor to rise the mattress above the wheel arches. The ideal false floor should be completely level. The floor could rest on struts which would allow it to be removed when it is not in use. If permanent, use the area beneath the false floor for additional storage to create an access area facing the doors of the van or by creating ‘trap doors’ in the middle of the floor.

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