Will A Bed Frame Fit In A Car?

Will a bed frame fit in a car?

Transporting a bed frame can be a very hard and frustrating process that many people have had to experience. It can cost a big chunk of money to get a van but it often seems impossible to carry a bed frame without one as it can make it harder. If you do not have access to a van, can a bed frame fit inside a car? the answer is yes depending on the size of the bed and how big your vehicle is. 

Can a bed frame fit in the car? 

Bed frames can fit in a car depending on these circumstances: 

  • The size of the bed frame 
  • The size of the car 
  • Bed frame can be Disassembled 

Can the bed frame be taken apart?

A bed frame can fit in your car depends a lot on the bed frame being taken apart. Individual slats can fit inside a car much better than any frame. Sometimes, a bed frame may come put together. You might need to take it apart. Other times, it comes disassembled, and you just need to figure out how to fit the pieces in your car. 

What tools do I need to take the bed apart? 

  • Screw driver 
  • Wench 
  • Drill

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