Will bed bugs die in the washer?

Will bed bugs die in the washer?

Washing clothes at a very high temperature is guaranteed to kill any bed bugs as they cannot survive through a hot cycle. It can be hard getting rid of beg bugs but it is possible. Here are some steps to take when dealing with bed bugs.

How to get rid of bed bugs on clothes:

  1. Spray the laundry with rubbing alcohol, it won’t kill all of the bugs but it will get rid of most of them
  2. Separate garments due to their fabric type, if a garment says dry clean only then dry clean the garment in a hot temperature, this will also help getting rid of bed bugs 
  3. Sort clothes into piles and put them unto a plastic bag, by doing this you are protecting other areas and clothing from getting infected. 
  4. Set the washing machine to a high temperature add the clothes and run the cycle for 30 mins
  5. Add the clothes into a dryer and run that cycle for 30mins and dispose of the plastic bag outside as you don’t want it lingering in your home. 
  6. After the garments are dry inspect them closely and fold them. The bed bugs should be gone by now as the hot temperatures in both the washing machine and dryer should have killed the bugs.

Bag and seal

Be careful to bag and seal infested clothes and spray them with rubbing alcohol as bed bugs die when they come into contact with alcohol. Make sure to put them into a plastic bag that has no holes this will help prevent any beg bugs from crawling around, infecting other areas.


Make sure to wash all your garments at a very high Temperature as bed bugs can’t live through a hot cycle. You can use a regular detergent, base the cycle temperature on what they garment labels say this is important as if you go against the instructions on the label you may damage your garment.


It is worth noting that not all dryers are the same so be sure to use the dryer that you know works the best for you, some dryer cycle lasts more than 30 minutes so make sure to run your clothes for. At least 30 minutes But the length of the cycle doesn’t matter as much as long as you are using a high temperature as that is what Is going to help kill the bed bugs.

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