Will Mattress Firm Take Old Mattresses?

Will mattress firms take old mattresses?

Mattress firm take your old mattress for you on one condition. That condition is that they will only take you old mattress if you have bought a new mattress from mattress firm. They only take multiple mattresses if you bought multiple mattresses from them. To put simply they only take as many old mattresses as possible you own equivalent to the number of the new mattresses you bought from mattress firm.

Do mattress companies take old mattresses in the UK?

Not all mattress companies in the UK take old mattress. Some mattress companies have a disposal service in place to take your old mattress away for you once they have delivered your mattress to you. This way you still have a mattress to sleep on before your mattress arrives. This also helps to save space since you will not have to worry about having an extra mattress taking up space in your home because your old mattress is taken the day you receive your new mattress. In addition, this takes away some of the stress of what you need to do in order to get rid of your old mattress. 

Another way to get rid of an old mattress in the UK is to call up your local council. Your local council will send a pickup truck that will take your old mattress and other bulky items that do not fit in the garbage bin. One downside to this method is that you will have to pay a large fee to have this service from your local council. Not many local councils in the UK offer a free pickup service for mattress and other items of that sort. So, in the end it might be best to get it from a company from the UK when you are buying a new mattress, just make sure to check that they offer a disposal service for your old mattress. 

More than 7.5 million mattresses are thrown into a land fill or just thrown somewhere random outside. Instead of just throwing out your mattress, take your mattress to a recycling centre to reuse the materials in the mattress. Sending an old mattress is becoming more common in the UK and the recommended method if you are trying to get rid of your mattress.

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