Will Mattress Firms Buy Back Mattresses?

Will mattress firms buy back mattresses?

Refunds and exchanges:

Most mattress stores offer refunds, however, if they don’t you can ask about exchanging your mattress for a new one. Mattress stores will most likely have a policy in place for these types of situations so, be sure to ask before purchasing any mattresses. Each mattress store has its policy so make sure to read it and pay close attention to it. 

Length of purchase:

If your mattress is unopened most mattress stores will take your mattress back, however, if you have opened your mattress out of its packaging then you will most likely have to wait 30 days to try the mattress out before returning it.

Alternative methods: 

If mattress stores do not offer refunds or exchanges then you can donate your mattresses to charities a few do buy old mattresses, this is the perfect way of getting rid of your mattress while also helping reduce waste.

  • Donations, you can always donate your mattress. Many people are not able to afford a mattress due to their financial situations so donating one will help them out. 
  • Sell it, if mattress stores do not take your mattress back, then you can always sell it yourself through apps such as Amazon, eBay and Wayfair.
  • Recycling, you can always recycle your mattress, if it’s in good condition people can use parts of the mattress such as the springs for different things. 
  • Throw it away, if the mattress is damaged beyond repair then you will have no choice but to throw it away as no one will buy a damaged mattress.

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