Will Office Chairs Scratch Hardwood?

Will office chairs scratch hardwood?

Office chairs can scratch hardwood floors, you can take precautions to prevent them from scratching the floor by ordering caster wheels that are safer for hardwood floors, you can use plastic wheels but they can leave scuff marks so be careful when moving them around the office.

Are hardwood floors worth it in offices?

Yes, hardwood floors are worth it as they are more durable than other flooring materials. Hardwood lasts longer and it is perfect for those who are affected by allergies.

Benefits of hardwood floors?

Some of the benefits of hardwood flooring are that is low maintenance and easy to clean, they are strong and durable, they are affordable, and they are long-lasting. Also, the colour doesn’t fade easily.

Disadvantages of hardwood floors?

Some of the disadvantages to hardwood floors are that it is difficult to install, they can be costly and they are cold and have no insulation. They shouldn’t be in contact with water as they can stain and they are prone to stretches.

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