Will Sofas Block Heat From Radiators?

Will sofas block heat from radiators?

If you decide to place a sofa in front of a radiator then it is likely that the sofa will actually block the heat instead of letting it flow through. Sofas come in different designs so not all sofas will block the heat. For example, some sofas come with extended legs, so even if you were to put the sofa against a radiator it may not block all the heat as the heat can flow through and under the sofa, but it won’t give off as much heat as it would if the radiator was not covered or blocked.

How to prevent heat from being blocked?

One way to prevent heat from being blocked is to put the sofas in a different spot in the room. You can also try to bring the sofas more to the centre instead of having them pushed right up against the wall. That way heat can escape and will make the whole room warm instead of just behind the sofa area.

Why you should not put your sofa in front of a radiator

There are many reasons to not put your sofa in front of the radiator. You don’t want to damage the sofa or the materials. By keeping it away from the radiator, you are making it so that it will and can last longer. You want to be able to hang clothes and towels over to dry. However, if you have a sofa squished up against the radiator, you won’t find any space. And you shouldn’t put your sofa in front of the radiator as it doesn’t produce much heat. When sitting in your living room, you want to feel cosy and comfortable, not cold and shivering. So removing the sofa will help get the room warm quicker.

What damage could heat cause to sofas?

When you buy a brand new sofa exposing it to heat can change the way it looks, feels, and even smells. If you were to place a new sofa next to a radiator, then the fibres of the sofa will get damaged by the heat and it will lose its appeal. You will be able to smell the burnt fabric and you will be able to see it.

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