Wooden Desks

Wooden desks

There are many benefits of having a solid wood desk and in this blog, we are going to go through them. Over the years wood has always been the main choice of material for furniture including desks. Over the years the production of wood has declined because of the introduction of cheaper materials such as steel, plastic and aluminium. However, because of this wood furniture has only grown in prominence.

Benefits of a wooden desk:

Durability- Wooden desks and furniture last years with very low maintenance as opposed to the cheaper materials that are now used to make furniture. Well-made wooden desks can last generations despite their heavy usage. The exact durability of the desk will depend on the wood that is used like walnut, white oak and cherry retain.

Easy to maintain- wooden desks are not only extremely durable but also very low maintenance. Cleaning wood is as easy as dusting on a regular basis. Spills and stickiness can be easily cleaned with a micro fibre towel.

Versatility- wooden desks can fit into any home aesthetic. As you can purchase a wooden desk in a range of foods you can choose the colour and style that fits your home and you.

Sustainability- Wood is a very sustainable material, unlike plastic. Though, it’s important to purchase wood from eco-friendly forests. This is because these forests replenish what they have taken with new growth.

Customisation- when you have a wooden desk you can choose the wood, the style and the finish of the desk, it is entirely customisable. When you stain your wooden desk it can help to match the desk to the colour-way of the room.

Amendability- you are able to modify wooden furniture such as desks to fit your needs very easily. You can sand, paint and stain an accent piece of furniture to give it a new look.

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