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    March 24, 2022 1 min read

    Your Mattress Can Cause You Back Pain, Here’s How.

    A mattress is a safe haven, a place for you to relax and drift off to the land of dreams. Though a safe haven is to be protected, and maintained thus a poorly kept mattress has detrimental downsides to its user. However, improper care isn’t the only way a mattress can be harmful.

    Choosing a mattress is a big decision, as a mattress that’s too soft may not offer the support you need, causing your spine to drop out of alignment all night long. Yet on the other hand, a mattress too firm can increase the pressure on your joints in your hips, causing pain particularly in your hips.

    These particular pains may not be linked directly to your mattress however, a clue to figuring out if that may or may not be the case is as follows. If your back pain sets in from the moment you wake up, but fades over the next 15-30 minutes with some stretching and movement then that’s a clear indicator that it is your mattress causing the issues. Finding yourself awake, tossing and turning until the later-hours of the night then that’s also a sign that you have the wrong mattress. It’s recommended that you replace your mattress once every 8 years, even if you’re not particularly prone to back pain.

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