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    Are Sofa Beds Bad?

    Are sofa beds bad? 

    Sofa bedshave pros and cons just like any item. 
    The disadvantages ofsofa bedsare that they can bequite heavy in weight and quite big in size too,especially when you order for delivery from stores, try and opt-in for a 2 man delivery as it can be difficult in flats to take such a heavy item upstairs. 
    Sofa bedsare comfortable but they are not as comfortable compared to your own bed which is why we don’t suggest them as a permanent solution, so if you are planning on buying asofa bedfor everyday use, I suggest buying one with a built-in mattress for peaceful night sleep. 
    As you may already know,sofa bedshave a convertible mechanism which can give you a difficult time which is why they are classed as bad. 
    When you have guests over and want to turn it from asofato abedyou will want it to open up as quickly as possible so your guests are happy, but unfortunately that sometimes is not possible due to the mechanism.Worst case scenario, the mechanism can break down with improper use, or it can even get damaged during delivery. 

    Now you know the cons ofsofa bedswhat is your overall thought? 

    Have they met your expectations and needs or not?