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    The Hybrid Mattress

    A Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress contains a mix of both springs and foam, it gives it the softness from the foam yet the stability & firmness from the springs. This will give you two great layers with meaning you'll have a great sleep. The mattress will hold its position without sinking or leaving a body shaped patch.

    Apart from being soft, the gel has a cooling feature too. This means it won't heat up meaning you don't heat up with it. It will improve the airflow by getting rid of the heat and dispersing it.

    The Hybrid will work to support all areas of the body such as the neck, pelvis, legs and feet. By laying down on this mattress you will be guaranteed to be relieved of any pain or aches.

    This mattress will come rolled in a box. Please allow 24 hours for the mattress to fully expand before use. To expand the mattress, place it on your bed and cut out a small hole into the plastic. This will help it expand and take shape.

    This mattress comes with a 60-night policy. This means you'll get a chance to try out the mattress and if you don't like it then it can be replaced or exchanged with an alternative one.


    - Medium Firmness
    - Mattress Height: 18cm Approx (Same height for all sizes)
    - Non-turn Mattress

    *If you need help when setting up the mattress then use this video.

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