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    *If you need any help then this tutorial will be useful for when you set up the mattress then.

    Mattress with Memory Foam

    This Memory Foam Mattress lets you feel the softness instantly when you lay down. You can feel the mattress underneath you starting to contour to your bodies shape. Once this happens it means you will be guaranteed comfort and should be off to sleep in no time. There are also springs in this mattress but they will be at the bottom to offer support and firmness, also, it'll make sure that the mattress doesn't lose its shape.

    With any other mattress when your body starts to contour you will start to heat up but not with this. Gel crystals in the mattress will ensure that you don't heat up at night and will make your sleep much cooler. This will be done as the mattress will disperse any extra heat making sure the mattress stays cool.

    You could use this mattress in any bedroom whether for yourself, kids or guests. Any adult would love this mattress as it will make any aches and pains go away. As for the kids, it is very safe to use. An extra added benefit is that if anyone has an allergy then not matter as this mattress has anti-allergy meaning allergies won't be affected and your asthma will not start to play up.

    This mattress comes rolled in a box. Please allow 24 hours for the mattress to fully expand before use. To expand the mattress, cut out a small hole into the plastic as this will help it expand and take its shape.

    This mattress comes with a 60-night policy. This means you'll get a chance to try out the mattress and if you don't like it then it can be replaced or exchanged with an alternative one.


    • Medium Firmness

    • Mattress Height: 18 cm (Same Height for all Sizes)

    • Non-turn Mattress

    • Fully Compliant with all UK fire regulations

Customer Reviews

Based on 1581 reviews
Lindsey Jacob
Great fir my 8 year old

Bought this mattress with the bed I purchased. It’s great for my 8 year old he finds it very comfy. Not sure how it be fit two adults though. On the whole we are pleased with it and my son gets a good nights sleep. Good value for money.

Mary Mann
Good mattress

Ever since my daughter got her her mattress. She sleeps better .being a toddler she loves jumping around her bed when she's up .Best mattress l can recommend to any parent.

Jason Roberts

Very comfy

Corinna McQueen
Easy buy, great quality

Very happy with the memory foam
Mattress we bought from furnitureful. Website was very easy to use, delivery was quick and customer service (delivery and purchase updates) was perfect. Thanks.

Joyce Robinson

Thin but comfortable enough Would recommend value for money too

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