10 Useful Tips to Organise a Baby Room

10 Useful Tips to Organise a Baby Room

A baby can be the paragon of serenity. The vision of complete peace and cuteness when they’re warmly bundled up in their blanket making those cute cooing noises.

But babies aren’t all this sugar-coated dream, they can be screaming, crying and stressed. With sleepless nights and the sounds of crying, the last thing you want is a home that is unorganised as it makes life even harder for you.

Here are 10 useful tips to organise a baby room!

1. Declutter unnecessary furniture

The first major step in organising is decluttering all the excessive and unnecessary mess and furniture so that there is more space in the baby's room. A more open space breeds a more stress-free and calmer mind, reduces the likelihood of accidents, and makes space for the more needed furniture, such as a changing table/corner, breastfeeding station, and so on.

If there is a lot of furniture in the room, the extra furniture should be moved to another room, donated, or disposed of, especially during pregnancy and for baby room prep.

2. Get the right furniture

The second thing after decluttering would be getting furniture for you and the baby that has effective storage designs so that the room is not over-cluttered with bulky furniture.

Get the classic chest of drawers for clothes, or to save space the dresser changing table combo which combines a chest of drawers and a countertop for nappy changing.

You could get a utility cart for nappy-related and breastfeeding items which can be carted around on its wheels.

Floating shelves for books (as opposed to a bookshelf).

A storage cube unit is great for organising toys and items, they contain multiple cubes or pull-out boxes. Or you can get organiser bins/baskets too which can serve the same purpose.

Laundry basket or laundry bin to keep dirty clothes out of the way and odour contained.

A table in the baby room. This can be incredibly useful to keep toys, handbags, items, coats, and clothes off the ground as they are more likely to be placed on the table instead of strewn across the floor. It also functions as a place for future-baby activities and work and can be a place for eating a meal.

A cot or bassinet is one of the main items of furniture! So don’t forget that either. To be organised, you could look out for a cot that has some under storage and drawers. The cot may be raised off the floor a bit to accommodate for this, so you can use your space efficiently. This tip can be used for even smaller baby rooms or nurseries.

3. Get labelling

Labelling is a key organising tip. This keeps nappies, baby wipes, socks, baby clothes, bibs, hats, bath stuff, washcloths, bottles and numerous other items organised.

Get some sticky labels and a marker to categorise each drawer, box, and section so it's visually organised as well as physically placed where it needs to be. This will also make tidying up easier and will more likely keep everything organised for the long term.

You could even get chalkboard labels so you can wipe away and change the label when needed!

4. Create stations

When decorating the baby's room, think about creating stations. This will keep the room organised and sectioned for needs. Think about creating different areas for breastfeeding, nappy changing, a sleeping corner, a workstation that has a table for activities, a play area for toys, and a library reading corner.

5. Organisers, Foldable Baskets, and Storage bins

Another great organising tip is to get a closet organiser and/or drawer organiser. These can also be called dividers. They can really help keep all your drawers and closet tidy and arranged and make the most of the area you have. These really are a game-changer, transforming a messy closet or drawer into something more long-lastingly organised, and all the space efficiently used.

Alternatively, you could use foldable storage baskets/boxes for the same aim by placing these inside drawers or your closet shelves. This will systematically place items in sections within dresser drawers, so each drawer and room is organised.

Small Nesting baskets and Caddies are also great for organising smaller items.

Storage bins for the larger items like bigger toys and blankets.

6. Roll up the baby’s clothes

A visually pleasing and organising tip.

Roll up the baby clothes instead of the ordinary folding method. Once you have rolled the clothes, stand them up and fill up the drawer. This will keep clothes much more organised as you can see what you’re picking out much more clearly. This method also helps you use much of the unused space you have.

7. Organising clothes

You can use hanger dividers to organise clothes by size and use a multilayer hanger so multiple items can be used for one hanger. This tip just makes life easier, saving time looking for a particular size, and saves space. You don’t want your wardrobe overfilled and bulging with items - it looks messy!

8. Wardrobe shelf

This one might sound odd, but if you don’t have a wardrobe or you have run out of space for clothes then attach a rail beneath a floating shelf! This is a unique idea, but a handy tip that is perfect for hanging those extra few pieces of clothes you have run out of space for.

This saves you from further money - spending on furniture, as well as using up more space with a chunky piece of furniture.

9. Mini Jars

Get mini jars to organise some of your smaller items in an aesthetically pleasing way. You can get a set of matching jars that have lids and put smaller products inside them: baby nail cutter, creams, small lotions, Q tips, cotton balls and baby dummies.

10. Clean regularly

Setting up your baby room so that it is organised is a major transformation, but you need to keep your space organised by staying on top of it daily. Stay consistent with cleaning and tidying up. Otherwise, your home will build up mess and look unorganised, which isn’t pleasant or safe.

If you tidy as you go along, it won’t even feel like it takes a lot of effort – just simply maintaining the house daily should be second nature. This will minimise your tidying upload so you can enjoy a tidy, organised home every day.

Clean and disinfect often so your home is safe from harmful bacteria, pathogens, and viruses. Clean the door handles, windows, and countertops. Mop and hoover! This will keep your home hygienic and safe (especially for your baby). If you can’t clean daily, then try at least 3-4 times a week.

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