Simple tips for working in your bedroom

Over the last year, many of us have had to make a shift in the way that we work. Many of us have created office spaces in our homes to work from home, whether that's on the sofa bed in the spare room, in the living room or a set up on our kitchen tables. However for those of us who are short on space, we have had no choice but to turn our bedrooms into multifunctional areas, including impromptu home offices. Although having a separate room altogether may benefit you better it is still possible to have a successful work form home environment in your bedroom with these tips. 

Set up a work desk in your bedroom 

Although these are tips for working from your bedroom it doesn't mean working from your actual "bed"! Make sure to read our blog here on 4 reasons why you should avoid working from your bed. Instead of propping up your laptop on your lap whilst laying on your comfy ottoman bed (it gets even comfier when you are supposed to be working!), try and construct a small desk to put in your bedroom. The most crucial part is to create a workstation that is just for business purposes. When you do this you have a designated area where you can focus on your work. Having a work desk not only keeps you structured during the day, but it also keeps you organised. You will also find it much easier to switch into "work mode" and establish a routine. 

Top tip:

If you have trouble sitting at a desk all day, a standing desk is a terrific solution.

Don't go to work dressed in your pyjamas

We all know how tempting it is to spend the day in pyjamas, especially when the week becomes busy with day to day tasks. Even if you don't plan on leaving your room, you should try to get dressed. This will make you feel more alert and productive as you prepare for a full day of work. The clothes you sleep in and the rooms you work in should be separate. If you find your work clothing comfortable then feel free to wear that as if you were going to the office if not even a casual pair of joggers and a jumper is good enough - Just don't spend the entire day in your robe and slippers.

Make a regimen and stick to it

One way to effectively work from home is to make a schedule for every day and stick to it daily. You can set alarms to wake up at your desired time, get out of your Pyjamas and into an outfit for the day, have a nutritious meal, and face the day. Whatever your day looks like, when you have a schedule you will be more likely to be productive.

Many people slip into the habit of working past their shift time when it is not necessary, especially because it is so easy to stay on your computer and there is no commuting when working from home. Instead of doing this, make sure to finish at the allocated time, unless you have a specific task to continue doing for whatever reason. Put your newfound free time to good use by reading, going for a stroll, or listening to music or a podcast.

Go to bed, when it is time to sleep

Sleep is far too valuable to jeopardise by converting your bed into a multi-purpose piece of furniture. Leaving the bed alone throughout the day offers several advantages, ranging from a sound, peaceful sleep to improved posture and productivity. When it's time to retire for the night, you'll be glad you made the effort to establish a good work-life balance.

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