6 Storage Solutions For Your Kitchen

6 storage solutions for your kitchen

The current-day kitchen needs creative storage solutions more than ever before. As home to appliances, cookware and speciality devices, it has become difficult to manage everything.

Blenders, mixers, food processors and boxes of cereal effortlessly fill up every available inch of space in your kitchen without you even realising.

Consumers have required more storage, and manufacturers have responded to the demand by creating creative storage solutions to help solve kitchen organising difficulties.

Every kitchen is distinctive, and every homeowner has a need for their own personalised storage. Also, the market is filled with opportunities.

So, what are the most popular storage solutions?

Corner storage

Creative corner storage is fantastic for incidental corners. Gone are the days when you have to get down on your knees looking for a missing item. With today’s available corner storage, everything is attainable and in its proper place.

Many corner storage resolutions are available on the market today. Additionally, the European styling in the Kesseboehmer LeMans department is extremely nice. The trays swing smoothly out of the cabinet, giving you access to every kept item.

Pans and lids storage

How’s this for practical and innovative storage? A well-designed base cabinet pull-out stores pots and pans on the bottom level, while the matching lids are on the top tier. As a result, everything is conveniently arranged in one place.

Pull-out trash cans

Every kitchen should include at least one pull-out trash can. No free-standing, smelly trash cans in your gorgeous newly remodelled kitchen! The double bin design makes recycling easy. And for smaller spaces, singles are available.

Spice storage

Organising the many spices chefs need is always a challenge. A one-size-fits-all answer doesn’t work for a serious cook‘s spice collection. Luckily, the companies who make storage solutions are up to the job. There are drawer inserts or cabinet rack designs. So practical.

Drawer inserts

An essential “must-have” for any organised space is drawer inserts for both cooking silverware and cutlery. When you order these for your new kitchen, you’ll relish the old saying: “A place for everything and everything in its place.

Utensil bin storage

Stop exploring through drawers for utensils while you’re standing at the cooker. This innovative storage solution pull-put organiser for base cabinets features flexible shelves with chrome rails to help keep everything in its place.

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