A Guide To UK Bed Sheet Sizes

A guide to UK bed sheet sizes

Making sure you have got the right-sized bed sheets and duvets for your bed is important to a decent night’s sleep.

If you've ever tried to stretch a sheet over a mattress that's too big for it, you'll also know that it’s critical to your sanity. Read on to create sure you have got the proper dimensions for that ideal fit on single, double, king-sized beds and more.

How do I know my bed linen size?

The best thing to ensure your bedding and bed sheets suit your bed is to live on your mattress. Most mattresses within the UK will be available in four standard sizes, as listed below. If your mattress is non-standard, then scrutinise the following biggest bedding size.

For example, if your bed is wider than a regular UK bed (such as a three-quarter bed ), then opt for a double linen bedding set. For a few it’s a case of private choice: if you're a duvet-hogger you may need a king-size bedding bundle for that extra coverage, although everyone seems to be individually different.

Common UK bed sizes:

Single beds: within the UK, a typical bed measures 90 x 190cm. Used for people to sleep alone, these beds are fantastic for smaller rooms where extra space is required and are commonly used for children’s rooms and bunk beds.

Double beds: a standard bed is 135 x 190cm and this is often the foremost famous bed size within the UK.

King beds: for people who want that extra little bit of room or who could be a small amount taller and want more length, the king-size bed measures 150 x 200cm.

Super king beds: for optimum star-fishing, this bed is 180 x 200cm and may be a great size for those with room to limit within the bedroom or who absolutely wish to stretch out at nighttime.

In case you were wondering, here's a remarkable fact if you didn’t already know, a Queen-sized bed (most commonly described intrinsically within the United States) is the equivalent of a UK King bed.

How do I know what sheets will fit my existing duvet?

Most duvets will show their size on the care label, so confirm first. If not, simply measure your duvet against the sizes in our table below and choose the correct duvet to protect you.

What do I want to furnish my bed with?

In general, in the UK, we've moved far away from the more traditional bedding of sheets, blankets and quilts and most households now go for duvet sets and duvet covers. for every bed, we typically advise the following:

One linen contour sheet, to confirm it never slips off or bunches up within the night. Most suitable sheets are made with in-depth corners, to suit even the foremost elevated mattresses.

One linen flat sheet, wonderful for optional more lightweight coverage within the warmer months.

2-4 linen pillowcases: make certain to review whether your pillows are standard, square or king-sized, supported by the measurements of your pillows.

One linen duvet cover - most people opt to mix the colours of their bedding and their sheets etc and most people match everything to their bedroom walls.

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