Affordable and accessible bedroom accessories

Need some fresh inspiration to turn your bedroom into the refurbished room of your dreams? Have you always imagined your room decorated with a bit more… pizazz? Do you feel like your current bedroom has become too boring and is in desperate need of a revamp? If so, you’re definitely not the only one. Therefore, here at Furnitureful we’ve decided to cover all things bedroom-accessories related to help you find what will truly suit whilst also being extremely affordable. So, what are you waiting for? Let's get into it!

Below we’ve highlighted some of our favourite accessories that we’ve seen online that could potentially revolutionise your bedroom.

  • The Humble Vase

  • Now, some of you might not necessarily appreciate ornaments first thing in the morning however, you really can’t underestimate the elegance a pretty vase can bring to an otherwise rather mundane looking room. Having checked out a range of vases online our team stumbled across this absolutely gorgeous glazed terracotta vase from H&M. From only £34.99 it’s an absolute steal for that price!

  • The Hidden gem - your mattress

  • Now, you might not automatically think of a mattress as a bedroom accessory but the reality is that without one in your bedroom you'd be lost. With a wide range to choose from it's incredibly easy to get lost amongst all the articles saying this mattress is best or that mattress is the optimum one for you however, here at Furnitureful we’d recommend this memory foam quilted fabric mattress. Made from cool blue memory foam with bonnell springs as a base layer, this mattress is suitable for all ages and sizes and is great for relieving back pain too!

    So, what do you think? Would you be interested in buying either of these products? Do you think they could enhance your bedroom in any way? Let us know in the comments below!

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