Are Mattress Toppers Good for Your Back?

Are mattress toppers good for your back?

Mattress toppers are good for your back if they are of a good quality and standard. This is because if the mattress is not too firm and not too soft it will give good support to your body whilst you sleep. Moreover, having a good mattress topper will help avoid damage to your spine by keeping the alignment of your spine as natural as possible to avoid pain in your back.

Are mattress toppers beneficial?

Mattress toppers can help prolong the life of your current mattress by reducing the pressure it receives, this will help the mattress not to lose its quality. In addition, it will reduce the pressure in the springs and help prevent the middle of your mattress from slumping inwards. Sometimes buying a mattress topper can be cheaper than buying a whole new mattress. This is because if you wanted a brand-new memory foam mattress but didn’t want to spend all the money or just do not have the money for one buying a memory foam mattress topper could be a cheaper and much more affordable option to some people. 

How long do mattress toppers last?

Mattress toppers generally last to about 3 to 5 years depending on the usage and how well they have been taken care of. However, since toppers have air springs you will see a drop in quality in the mattress topper can be noticed after 18 to 36 months of usage. If you are using a memory foam mattress topper it will eventually drop in the middle if it is not taken care of properly. But if it is a high-quality memory foam mattress topper it will last for a very long time compared to a normal mattress topper. 

Can you put 2 mattress toppers on top of each other?

Yes, you can, but it will not change much of the feel of the mattress as 1 mattress topper would do. Having more than 1 mattress topper would reduce the stress put on your mattress prolonging the quality of it, meaning you do not have to change your mattress any sooner.

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