Are Memory Foam Pillow Good?

Are memory foam pillows good?

Why are they good?

Memory foam pillows contour the shape of the head, and neck, they distribute weight evenly they have extra cushioning that can help with neck and back pain. Memory foam pillows are hypoallergenic which means they prevent any dust, and germs from growing.

Who are they good for?

Memory foam pillows can be used by anyone, they are best for people who are sensitive to dust and have allergies, most memory foam pillows are hypoallergenic meaning they help lessen the risk of allergies from acting up. They are especially helpful during allergy season. Memory foam pillows are great for those with neck problems as the cushioning offer great support and pressure relief.

My memory foam pillow is too soft

Memory foam pillow tends to take the shape of your head and contour to it. So you may feel that over time your pillow has gotten softer and thinner. To combat this you should flip your memory foam pillow. This allows the cushion to distribute evenly and preventing from one side to sink in and become too soft.

My memory foam pillow is too firm

If you feel as though your memory foam pillow is too firm you can take some steps to soften the material, you can apply pressure against the pillow to soften the foam, you can do this by sitting on it or leaning against it before you fall asleep. You can heat the pillow up as foam softens up when it is heated, be careful not to heat it at a high temperature a reasonable way of heating a memory foam pillow up is by placing a hot water bottle underneath the pillow or by placing the pillow under an electric blanket at a low temperature.

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