Are Office Chairs Recyclable?

Are office chairs recyclable?

Most of the time office chairs can be recycled as they are made up of metal and plastic bits, so they can easily be melted down and used for other products. Most recycling centres have a metal bin section, so when looking to recycle be sure to keep your eye out for the metal bin labels. Most of the time office chairs will be placed in the metal section.

How to get rid of office chairs

Another way of getting rid of your office chair instead of throwing it away to end up in a landfill is by donating the office furniture. The furniture may be in perfect shape and may be of great use to someone else so instead of adding to landfill or wasting furniture. Donating the furniture to charities will help reduce a lot of waste.

You can also look into selling the office furniture as no one has taken it and it has been sitting there for a while an easy way to get rid of it is by selling it through word of mouth or even social media.

You can also contact the council for their assistance in getting rid of the furniture however they may take their time getting back to you.

A different way of getting rid of office furniture is by hiring out a private clearance service, they will help remove any furniture for a price, however, they may be very costly as you are hiring a private service and not only using their resources but using up their time.

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