Are Pillow Protectors Necessary?

Are pillow protectors necessary?

What is a pillow protector?

Pillow protectors are similar to pillow cases, though pillow protectors have fabric technology that offers enhanced features that benefit your health and comfort. Pillow protectors promote a healthy sleep environment, they don’t only protect your pillow from discolouration and yellow stains but it also prevents bed bugs and dust mites. If you purchase a standard pillow protector then it will provide your pillow with a layer of fabric that will help to prevent and minimise any lightweight wear and tear which comes from using a pillow to sleep on. Pillows will fade and get dirty over time and using a pillow protector can prevent that.

Are pillow protectors a necessity?

Pillow protectors are necessary because they prevent any undesirables from entering your pillows, such as bed bugs, dust mites, oil and perspiration. Pillowcases are a great way in keeping your pillow clean and newer for longer as they will protect it from fading and becoming yellow over time. Pillow protectors are also great if you are someone who likes to eat and drink and bed as they will protect your pillow from any spills and stains.

How do pillow protectors work?

Utilising pillow protectors on all your pillows if you are a person who suffers from asthma or allergies is a really good idea. This is because pillow protectors will help to prevent or minimise these conditions by preventing the triggers from entering the pillowcase. This will consequently help you breathe better and therefore have a better night's sleep. Though it is said bed bug bites are far more attracted to human warmth the dust and dirt, bed bugs tend to gather and infest pillows and duvets to gain easier access to humans. Using a pillow protector can help to prevent bed bugs from hiding in your pillows, this is because pillows are a great place for bed bugs to hide as they are thick, fluffy and soft. Pillow protectors also help to add an extra layer of protectors for your pillow to keep it clean and fresher for longer, it will prevent the pillow from going yellow and discolouring.

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