Are Pillows Safe For Toddlers?

Are pillows safe for toddlers?

Making sure your toddler gets enough rest is essential to their physical and mental health. Excellent sleep means fewer outbursts and a more relaxing day for you as a parent too. So, when it comes to your child’s ease, you want to give them the best of the best. Although comfort is essential, safety is even more crucial.

That means waiting until your child is the right age to let them sleep with a pillow. Discover the risks of giving your child a pillow too quickly, and how you can make sure to present pillows to your toddler safely.

What are the dangers of letting a toddler sleep with a pillow?

There are many dangers associated with allowing your toddler to sleep with a pillow, such as sudden infant death syndrome, accidental suffocation, etc.

Improper use of pillows can also make your toddler vulnerable to sudden, unexpected death in childhood, such as through sudden infant death syndrome.

When can your child sleep with a pillow and is it necessary?

If you as a parent feel you are ready to introduce a pillow for your child to sleep on, then according to experts you should wait at least until your child is 18 months to 2 years of age. If your child has transitioned from a cot to a bed, it doesn’t mean that they are ready for pillows.

Although, if as a parent you notice that your child is bunching blankets or bunching stuffed toys to support their head while they sleep, this is a good sign that your child is ready for pillows.

Children don’t have the same comfort needs as adults, so it is important to remember pillows are for support and comfort. If your child is happily sleeping on a flat surface, then you don’t have to interrupt their peaceful sleep by introducing a pillow just yet.

However, it may be a better idea to delay using a pillow for your child’s head support, especially if your child has weak neck muscles. Mostly, the recommended age for introducing a pillow will be around two years of age, especially if your child has begun tossing and turning in their sleep. This is also, a great indication they are seeking comfort while sleeping.

What are the best material types for pillows for your toddler?

When it comes to buying toddler pillows, we suggest doing your research and finding the best toddler pillow to match your budget and your child’s needs, as you want what's best for your child. When it comes to toddler pillows, safety should be the top priority. In comparison to babies, toddlers have less chance of suffocation, but some materials can still be hazardous to your child’s safety, so we do suggest doing research on materials which are safe for children.

You don’t want to buy a pillow for your toddler which will tear and leak, which is why it is a good idea to avoid pillows made with small pellets. Also, if your child has an allergy you are unaware of, it is best to choose a toddler pillow which is made of safe materials.

Natural feathers are not recommended when purchasing and selecting a pillow for your toddler as they can cause an allergic reaction. Thus, we suggest picking fillings which aren’t treated with harmful chemicals and have certifications to suggest it is safe for your toddler. We do suggest organic pillows are the best, but the choice is yours.

What are the best pillows for toddlers?

HOMESCAPES Kids Pillow 40 x 60cm - Goose Feather Down Filling - 100% Cotton Fabric Washable Anti Dust Mite - Firmness Soft/Medium - RDS Certified.: Home & Kitchen

We suggest this pillow for your toddler due to its sturdy double-stitched edges and heightened firmness. Another pro of this toddler pillow is that it has no stiffness, great for your toddler to get comfortable when they are trying to sleep. Also, there is no chance of the filling coming out as it has been stitched in an amazing way.

However, there are cons to this toddler pillow, and they are that this pillow is not good for toddlers who have allergies and sensitive skin. We suggest having a conversation with a professional or specialist before buying this toddler pillow to prevent any allergic reactions and if a specialist recommends not to buy this pillow, then buy a hypoallergenic pillow for your toddler instead.

Overall, this toddler pillow has a temperature regulation feature which is great for summer days, designed to keep your toddler cool while they sleep, preventing them from overheating and getting frustrated while they’re sleeping.

The suitable toddler age for this pillow is 3 years and up. It is made up of goose down feathers too. Down feathers are the fine, soft feathers close to a bird's skin, which are fluffier than the more visible outer feathers. The casing of the pillow is 100% cotton and is also machine washable, great for when it gets dirty. The size dimensions of the pillow are 60cm x 40cm and due to it being sold on Amazon, you have their 30-day guarantee.

Small Toddler Pillow - My First Pillow - Can Be Used in a Cot, Cot Bed or Travel Cot - Includes Cover in 100% Cotton - Anti-Allergy Filling - Made in Portugal: Baby Products

This is another great toddler pillow as it is machine washable. Although, if you prefer not to wash it in the washing machine due to detergents, you can clean it with a wet sponge without any hassle. This pillow has some uncommon dimensions which is why it may be quite difficult to find the exact casing, so we suggest finding a company that makes custom casings for toddler pillows.

This pillow is also great for long trips and flights, especially if you like to take your toddler with you on trips and they tend to fall asleep on drives and flights.

This toddler pillow is suitable for 2 years and above, with dimensions of 35cm x 25cm. The filling inside the pillow casing is 100% hollowfibre and the casing is 100% cotton and machine washable.

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