How To Assemble Ottoman Storage Bed

Ottoman Bed Installation Guide

Bed Assembly Guide



• Please ensure that the bed is fully assembled and secured before it is used
• Please check the pack for its contents before assembling the bed, if any components are missing please contact Furnitureful customer services with the provided contact information.
• Due to the size, it is recommended that items are assembled on a flat surface. This product should only be used on firm and level ground
• Please do not use any tools other than the ones provided and shown in the assembly guide
• Do not discard any of the packaging or the instructions. Check you have all the parts and fittings and keep out of the reach of children
• The packaging will be needed if the bed has to be returned


Position the mattress on the slat frame while it is in the closed position. Operate the belt handle to open and close the bed.

PLEASE NOTE - When lowering the slat frame for the first time, take care to make sure it does not rub unevenly on the inside face of the side rails. If it does, the bed has been assembled slightly out of the square. This can be reflected by moving the foot end of the bed slightly to the left or right whilst leaving the head end stationary.


The gas pistons for this bed are extremely strong and cannot be operated by hand when not fitted to the Ottoman bed. All pistons are tested for correct pressure and operation before being distributed with the bed.

Initially, the pistons might be very stiff when opening and closing the Ottoman bed - THIS IS PERFECTLY NORMAL. After operating the Ottoman bed a few times, the pistons for opening and closing the storage area will become easier.


For the safety of yourselves and others, please ensure that - 

• Children do not play in the storage area, the gas pistons or try and lift the metal frame.
• Please do not stand in the storage space at any time • Ensure that hands and fingers are clear of the mechanism when opening or closing the bed.
• Please do not stand on the wooden slats or any part of the bed.
• Only use the storage compartment when the frame is fully raised and in the correct position • Please do not over tighten, screws, nuts or bolts on the bed frame.
• Do not use scourers or chemical cleaners. To wipe clean, please use a sponge and warm soapy water.
• Do not use solvent-based cleaners or detergents as they can bleach or damage the bed • Only use the belt when lifting and lowering the frame. Failure to comply with this warning may result in injury and finger entrapment.
• Attach the belt to the metal part of the frame and make sure it is always visible on the outside of the bed frame.
• Ensure the metal frame is fully raised in the ‘Up’ position before using the Ottoman space, otherwise the frame could fall causing injury.
• Do not attempt to move the bed while the frame is in the ‘Up’ position.
• Please keep children and pets away from the Ottoman bed while opening and closing the slat frame to avoid any possible injuries.

Components that are needed for Bed Assembly


Depending on the size of your bed the number of parts for the Slats, Centre Slat Caps & Side Slat Caps may vary. Centre Slat Caps: King - 12x, Double - 11x, Small Double - 11x, Single - 11x Side Slat Caps: King - 24x, Double - 22x, Small Double - 22x, Single - 22x Slats: King - 24x, Double - 22x, Small Double - 22x, Single - 22


Components: Fitting


Fittings needed for Bed Assembly


Assembly Guide

Bed Assembly 1st Set of Instructions


Bed Assembly 2nd Set of Instructions

Bed Assembly 3rd Set of Instructions

Bed Assembly 4th Set of Instructions

Bed Assembly 5th Set of Instructions

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