October 04, 2021 2 min read

Best Atmosphere To Sleep In


It is important to make small but necessary adjustments to your bedroom in order to better the quality of your sleep.


Sleep in darkness

Being exposed to light via a mobile phone, laptop or TV will send signals to your brain to stay awake. Also, having excessive light while sleeping can affect your natural circadian rhythm and the quality of your sleep.

- Using black-out blinds/curtains or an eye mask can obstruct light from entering your room, thus improving your quality of sleep.


Room temperature

If the room temperature of your bedroom is too hot or cold, then this can make it difficult to sleep. The ideal room temperature at night is acknowledged to be between 16 to 18 degrees Celsius, as this induces your body temperature to lower releasing melatonin and promoting sleep.


Decor and use of the room

No matter how conspicuous bright colours and wallpapers maybe, this will not enable you to have a good night's rest. It is advised that your bedroom has soft or neutral colours.

- Likewise, it is crucial to avoid a messy room or cluttering and ensure you are not turning your bedroom into your study or office space.


The sleep system

The sleep system is reasoned to be the most essential element that impacts the sleep environment. It refers to the foundation, pillows, mattress and bedding. The sleep system has a considerable effect on the comfort and quality of sleep you receive.


The science of comfort

A report conducted by the National Sleep Foundation illustrated that 92% felt that a good quality mattress was essential for a quality night's rest and 91% expressed the same about pillows.


The level of comfort and pleasure is determined by three primary factors:

  1. Temperature

  2. Postural assistance

  3. Pressure alleviation


Posture and support

Preserving a comfortable position when lying down assists the musculoskeletal structure to stay relaxed. A good quality mattress and pillows will help sustain comfort, support and alignment of your body's posture while sleeping.


Pressure alleviation

Your mattress and pillows responsibility is to equally distribute your body weight, preventing unreasonable or excessive pressure on problematic areas for example your hips, back, shoulders and neck. As a result, this will allow the flow of blood to easily travel around the body.

Ammar Asad
Ammar Asad

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