Bed Frame Is Wider Than Mattress - How To Fix It

Bed frame is wider than mattress - how to fix it

The time came: you finally got your hands on a new bed frame, you unwrap and assemble it, and after all that hard work your mattress doesn’t fill the frame properly! Or maybe you got a new mattress, and it doesn’t fit in your old bed frame? Either way, if your bed frame is wider than your mattress it can cause some problems – no one wants to roll over in their sleep and fall in the gap between the mattress and bed frame, get their head stuck, loose a pillow in the crevice or drop a phone or item in the gap… so what can you do?

1. Return it!

After all the hard work and stress, this may not seem like an appealing idea. But one thing you can do is to return your bed frame or mattress- whichever one - and re-purchase a new one with the correct measurements! This is the best thing you can do, because any other solution or fix would be temporary, not great for the long run. As well as this, gaps can cause injury (such as head injury) and be dangerous for children or pets if you have them. For example, children can get their neck stuck, which is a detrimental risk to their life. 

2. Pillows

If you can’t return or repurchase a new mattress or bed frame, then a great, easy but temporary solution is to use pillows. You can fill the gaps with decorative pillows, strategically placing them so that all gaps are blocked. Even though this is an easy, quick fix, you risk getting the pillows dirty should you leave them for a long time.

3. Expanding foam 

A more DIY and permanent solution would be to fill the gaps with expanding foam. So, if you are great with DIY and don’t mind using expanding foam than this is another option for you. However, there are a couple of issues with this: it isn’t great if you sleep without a pillow, you may need to purchase a lot of cans, and it doesn’t look nice. You can cover it up with sheets and pillows, but it is up to you if you are willing to alter your bed frame permanently.

You can also use padding or dense foam is another cost-effective and DIY technique you can use.

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