Bed sharing

Bed sharing

Sharing a bed is common among family members, parents share their beds with children, and siblings sometimes share a bed. Even at family gatherings, someone may decide to stay the night and end up sharing a mattress with their cousins.

Parents and infants

Parents decide to share a bed with their children as they are infants, this helps them be closer to the infant and helps the parents be more comfortable. If the infant cries the parents are next to it so they don’t have to jump out of bed instantly when they hear the baby cry. It makes taking care of the infant a lot easier. Having the infant sleep next to you is also safer as you are next to it if anything happens. 

Parents and kids 

Parents may share their bed with their kids as they have grown attached to sleeping near each other, this can lead to separation anxiety if left too long. It is okay to share a bed with your kid just be careful how long you leave it. Although it can be comforting knowing that your child is sleeping next to you and is safe, sometimes adults need privacy too. Sharing a bed with a kid helps ease your mind with safety as you are next to the child, so you can look after the child while they sleep. 


Siblings may share a bed, there are several reasons for this. One could be that there isn’t enough room so they have to share. Siblings sharing a room doesn’t last long because as soon as the child hits puberty they want their own space in their room. However, it is normal for siblings to share a room even after they hit their teenage years. Sleeping in the same room helps siblings grow a closer bond as siblings and it allows them to help each other out whether that is with clothing options or homework or even to just let their emotions out.


Couples share a bed as it helps with intimacy it is normal for couples to share a bed. Although it is also okay for couples to sleep separately although it does seem unusual. Sleeping together as a couple helps bring you closer. It’s comforting for each person. It is also important as when you sleep you want to know the person you love is next to you and is safe. 

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