Bed Sheets

Bed sheets

Which bed sheets are suitable for a child?

For children you want to choose lightweight sheets, you would want to make them comfortable for them. You can try out different colours and patterns. Most of the time the type of bed sheet you use depends on what the child likes and what they need for example if the child is a hot sleeper you want to choose an airy lightweight bed sheet as it will benefit them, while they sleep. Whereas if your child is an active sleeper, they move around a lot while they sleep you would look into getting fitted sheets instead of flat sheets, as flat sheets can unravel and fitted sheets are more secure in that sense. 

What type of materials are bedsheets made from?

  • Cotton – most comfortable 
  • Flannel – keeps you warm at night 
  • Linen – offers a smooth and comfortable feel
  • Silk – prevents friction and irritation to the skin and is lightweight. 

Which bed sheet is more common?

The most popular bed sheet material is cotton is more common than you think. Cotton bedsheets are breathable they are lightweight they are forgiving when it comes to removing stains. 

What sizes do bed sheets come in?

There are two types of sheets types, there are fitted sheets and there are flat sheets. Most of the time people perfect to use fitted sheets as they feel that flat sheets are too difficult to tuck in, and they may unravel and will move around while they sleep. Fitted sheets are fitted to your mattress size and are made to not move around or unravel. 

What bedsheet type is the best?

Cotton is the most common fabric of choice they are soft and comfortable they are hypoallergenic and they are environmentally friendly. They last longer than other materials and they are used very often, they come in a variety of sizes and they are available in any bed store near you.

Which bedsheet type is the warmest?

It is recommended that flannel, fleeced or cotton sheets are best for those cold nights. The materials that are used to make the bedsheets, trap body heat and provide great insulation during the night. And if you were to use a blanket choose a wool or cotton fleeced blanket as they will keep you warm throughout the night.

Which bedsheet type is the coolest?

Bamboo, linen and silk sheets are best at keeping you cool at night, these materials don’t take in body heat and are breathable. Cotton sheets can also be comforting during hot nights as cotton sheets can be lightweight and airy perfect for hot sleepers. 

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