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    Bed sizes in hotels – what you know and what you thought you knew!

    January 12, 2022 3 min read

    You’re visiting a foreign countryand decide to stay in a hotel.Not a bad idea at all. You ask to see their bedroom availabilityas well as their prices.You look down the listandfind that a single bed, alone in one room, is not an option.You’re frustrated but the receptionist explains that most people end up wantingtwin beds or aking size bed anyway so single beds are notavailable.

    This is the dilemma that is faced by many tourists ortravellers when visiting other countries. Itcannot bestressedenough that different countries have differentbed size standards which also translates into certain hotels not carryingcertain bed sizes.

    Here in this article, we’ll help you clarify certain misconceptions about hotel bed sizes as well as the difference between Britain’s standard sizes compared to other countries to ensure that when travelling across the globe,you’re never left unsatisfied!

    British standardbed sizes

    Single (twin beds)Single beds measure a length of190cm and a width of 90cm. They are most suitable for young children and teenagers.

    Double – Double beds measure a length of 190cm and a width of 135cm. They are commonly used by adults, especially couples.

    King – King bedsmeasure a length of 200cm and a width of 150cm. They are perfect for couples who prefer more room as well asfortaller individuals. Check out our range ofbestselling Ottoman storage beds that come in a range of sizeshere.

    And now we’ll compare and contrast the British bed sizes to the European ones which are as follows:

    European standard bed sizes

    Single (twin beds)In Europe single beds measure a length of200 cm and a width of 90cm. Althoughtheirwidth is the same as British single beds,their added10cm in length can really be the differencebetween a tall person sleeping comfortable or having to cramp up their longer frame to fit in the bed.

    DoubleEuropeandoubles have a length of200 cm and a width of140 cm.Both their length and their width are bigger than the British standard double.

    KingEuropean king size bedshave a length of200cm and a width of160 cm. Compared to theirBritish counterparts, these beds are surprisingly similar in length and width, however, just like with every other bed, Europeans might be slightly surprised when visiting to find the bed and mattresses slightly smaller.

    Americanstandard bed sizes

    Single (twin beds) – American singles bed are made to a length of 190 cm and a width of 90 cm. Whilst the same size as the British standard, Europe surpasses them in widthby 10 cm.

    Double –American doubles have a length of190 cm and a width of135 cm, making them the exact sameas the British standard but significantly smaller thanthe European double bed size.

    King –The American Kingcomes in ata length of200 cm and a width of 150 cm,again makingBritish and American sizes the samebut leaving the European king as the ruler of them in which has a width of 160 cm unlike the other two.

    What youwant VS what you get

    Below are some common occurrences when booking hotel rooms and beds in other countries. Make sure you confirm with hotel staff that the bed really is exactly as you want it.

    You ask for a double bed butget two single beds put together instead. This isquite common in Europein what some refer to as a ‘French double’ bed.Speak to hotel management if this occurs. Perhapsyou’reon holidaywith someone anddon’t literally want to share a bed.

    Usually, staff will be more than happy to split the two bedsor offer another appropriate alternative.

    If you stumble upon a hotel that advertises king-size beds then it is probably just a queen bed with queen-size measurements; however, In the United States this type of bedcanmeasure 193 cm x 203 cm.

    Although standard beds sizes can be expected, some hotels have custom made bed sizes. It’s worth checking inadvance to ensure that the bed fully meets you needs, right down to what mattresses they use (if you want!).

    of 160 cm unlike the other two.

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