Bed Terminology you didn’t know

I remember when I was browsing bed sites for the first time. The bed description stated that the bed had ‘solid slats’. Huh? What on earth did that mean? My quest to find a bed turned into an evening of studying bed related terminology instead. Did you know that a double bed is also referred to as a ‘full bed’? Therefore, I decided that an ultimate guide to bed related words was needed and here at Furnitueful, our expertise in providing affordable quality beds and mattresses to the public has put us in an ideal place to deliver it. So, read on to find out all you truly needed to know…

Bed dictionary A-Z

B is for…

Bed topper.

A bed topper is there to provide a layer of comfort, especially if your mattress has become worn down. It lies on top of the mattress and has been proven to increase quality of sleep. Combine it with a gorgeous bed from our Ottoman range here and you’re sure to end up with a bedroom that you love. You probably have one and don’t even know it!

Bed throw.

Smaller than a blanket, a bed throw provides great warmth and beautiful aesthetics. You can leave it draped at the end of your bed to provide an extra layer of warmth during chilly nights. Available in a variety of fabrics and materials such as chenille and cotton, make sure to invest in a quality throw that’s durable and washes well.

H is for…


One of the ultimate defining features of a bed, headboards can make or break a bed’s appearance and even have far reaching consequences to the room’s appearance itself. You can choose from a range of materials such as wood, metal or upholstery and a range of styles like panelled (not flat with square or rectangular inlays), or slatted (overlapping panels of materials). 

O is for…


No, I’m not talking about the Empire. I’m referring to the beds which have gas lift hydraulics. These lift up the base to expose storage space underneath. Brilliant, right? And here at Furnitureful we’re offering beautiful grey upholstered Ottoman storage beds at affordable prices. Hurry, get yours now!

S is for…


Sprung slats. Wooden slats. Slats appear to be very complicated but the reality is that they couldn’t be more simple. Sprung slats are simply curved and made from flexible beech wood. They are designed to reduce pressure points and distribute your body weight for a more comfortable night's sleep. Solid slats, on the other hand, are made from strong sturdy woods like pine. Due to this they create a more firm bed experience unlike the sprung slats which leave a more bouncy bed experience and feel.

Sofa bed

Is it a sofa? Or is it a bed? Well, let me tell you: it’s both. That’s right, the sofa bed is typically a couch during the day but can reveal a concealed mattress with the seat folding out to create a bed at night. Ideal for those who have less room space available (it can also be a cheaper option too).

U is for…


This is when furniture is padded from a variety of materials such as fabric or leather. At Furnitureful we provide a range of superb furniture that is upholstered such as our range of upholstered Ottoman beds. With guaranteed craftsmanship and quality you’re sure to find something you love.

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