Which bed size is the best for you?

Which bed size is the best for you?

It’s easy to feel fatigued at the thought of which bed size would best suit you when there is so much choice on offer. A single bed? A small double bed? A double bed? A king size bed? What’s the difference even between a ‘small’ double and a double? Enough said. Here at Furnitureful we’re dedicated to ensuring you find the highest quality bed possible that best suits your needs. So, without further ado, let’s highlight all the bed sizes available as well as which type may suit you best.

  • The Single Bed

Currently the smallest size available on the market, this bed is most suitable for single people or children due to its small size. The dimensions of such a bed are: an overall length of 190 cm and a width of 90 cm. However, some retailers and furniture shops may offer them in slightly larger sizes so it’s well worth checking if a slightly bigger version does suit you. Note, for example, Furnitureful’s single grey upholstered Ottoman bed comes with more generous measurements of 205.5 cm (length) and 99.5 cm (width).

  • The Small Double Bed

Also known a queen size bed, this bed is suitable for both single people and couples, being roomy enough for two though it may be a bit of a squeeze. Typically measuring in at a length of 190 cm and a width of 120 cm, this bed can be seen as a little on the smaller side but will be comfortable enough for most.

We also advise you to check out our range of mattresses like the memory foam quilted mattress in our expansive mattress range to enhance your sleep quality along with your bed if you do decide that that the small double bed is the one for you.

  • The Double Bed

Another bed that is great for both singletons and couples, with this bed being designed for with two people in mind is the double. Its length (190 cm also) may not be any longer than the other smaller sizes previously mentioned however its increased width (at 135 cm) can be appreciated as the difference between a good night’s sleep or a cramped arrangement with your partners elbow in your face!

  • The King Size Bed

And last but certainly not least is the king size. This bed comes to a whopping length and width of 200 cm x 150 cm respectively. The benefits of a king size mattress are equally huge. They can help with pressure points because a bigger sleeping area means that your joints aren’t cramped whilst you sleep in the corner of a smaller size bed. Additionally, the extra space is crucial for ensuring that people with certain health conditions don’t become more ill and can move freely.

Double bed vs King size bed – Which is better for couples?

Now, it’s not that we think couples wouldn’t want to sleep on a single bed together and of course these beds are perfect for anybody – however, its generally seen as preferable to have something a little roomier for couples, with a double bed or a king size bed being our top two choices.  Although extra king size beds exist, the average household will generally require something that can at least fit into their bedrooms.

We’ve analysed both beds based on factors such as price point, quality, durability as well as space. Based on price point we concurred that double beds tend to be cheaper because of their size however you can’t underestimate the value of a good quality king size bed.

Both beds can come in a range of qualities which is why we recommended you look at Furnitureful’s bed range here. Without a doubt, whether you’d like more space or prefer something smaller, Furnitureful will have the right bed for you.

Single bed vs Small double – which is better for children?

Both beds can be seen as an equally great investment, but you must consider your own measurements or those of your children when buying these beds. We encourage these beds to be bought for younger individuals so that they don’t feel swamped in a massive bed like a king size which would be impractical for them.

We’ve taken the time to study which of these beds would suit you or your young ones better so that you don’t have to!

We believe that whilst both beds have many strengths, due to their similar sizes, it may just have to come down to which bed would be a better fit for you and your room.

Some prefer the single, some the small double. Both are great beds that suit children perfectly. In all honestly, we’d recommend whichever one takes your fancy – either way you won’t be missing out.

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