Best Mattress For Upper And Lower Back Pain

Best mattress for upper and lower back pain

As you already know, sleep is a key time for the body to recover at the end of the day. Unfortunately, in some cases upper and lower back pain, can negatively impact sleep quality. Using a mattress which is not providing your body with adequate support can cause issues such as pains and aches in the morning.

The best mattress for your body structure is the one that supports your spine and promotes alignment, which alleviates back pain and ensures deeper and restorative sleep.

Most individuals find that their lower back is the most affected, but if you are looking for a one size fits all type of mattress, unfortunately, there isn’t one.

The main thing which you should consider is whether the mattress you are choosing is best for long term support and will your mattress support your body shape.

For example, a slim individual with a bad back would require a softer mattress in comparison to a heavier individual.

1. Memory Foam Mattresses: Super King, King, Double, Single Foam Mattress – Nectar (

Our first suggestion is Nectar Sleep, as they offer the longest warranty and trial period, which I’ve seen in the market across the net. Nectar Sleep has the type of mattress which come in a box, squashed up and as soon as you open the box, the mattress expands. The benefit of Nectar Sleep is that if you change your mind within the first 365 days, you have the option to return.

Nectar Sleep’s Memory Foam mattress is made of different layers which aim to support your body structure. The layers of foam have been designed to deliver excellent levels of comfort while also, supporting your spine.

2. Original Foam Mattress - 25cm Memory Foam – evesleep-uk

The Eve Mattress has a variety of reasons to love it, one being that the mattress is 24cm thick and has 3 layers of breathable next generation foam. The Eve Mattress also features unique curve zones to keep you comfortable regardless of the position you sleep in.

Eve Mattresses offer relief of pressure on various parts of your body, whilst also, being gentle and good enough to sink into. Eve Mattresses offers a 10-year warranty with a 100-night trial. The mattress also comes in a range of sizes from Single to King sizes.

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