Best Mattresses IKEA

Best mattresses IKEA

IKEA is one of the most common furniture stores in the world, especially for consumers who are looking to buy stylish furnishings on a budget. We collected a guide on the best IKEA mattresses to help you decide which mattress from this widespread brand will suit your needs best.

Advantages and Disadvantages of IKEA mattresses

  • Very inexpensive
  • 90-day trial period
  • 25-year limited warranty
  • Inferior quality of materials resulting in lack of comfort
  • IKEA mattresses are relatively firm
  • Substandard edge support with most mattresses
  • Delivery charges

Here are our recommendations for the best IKEA mattresses:

Ikea Vadso Sprung Mattress

VADSÖ Sprung mattress, firm/light blue, Standard Double - IKEA

This mattress is only £85, great for consumers who would like to buy a decent quality mattress which is budget-friendly and not too expensive as well.

The mattress is a breathable mattress allowing the buyer to enjoy a fresh and clean sleeping environment allowing temperature control throughout the night. If you as a consumer live in a pace where you experience long and hot summers, then this is the best option for you as it will regulate your body temperature while you sleep peacefully.

Even if you’re an individual who tends to overheat throughout the night and finds it difficult to get comfortable due to your body overheating, this is perfect for you too.

The pros of the IKEA Vadso Sprung Mattress are that it is breathable, affordable and also has a 25-year guarantee. The IKEA Vadso Sprung Mattress is a sprung mattress which contains an excess amount of pocket springs, which provide you comfort while you sleep. Also, the mattress springs contribute to the mattress’s breathability, which allows the air inside the mattress to circulate.

Other than the pocket springs, the mattress has a layer of wadding and foam which helps your body to cushion and sleep comfortability while the mattress is also supports your body too.

Another advantage of the IKEA Vadso Sprung Mattress is that when you decide to move home, this can easily be transported and move around all thanks to the handles placed on the sides of the mattress. The mattress comes in two sizes, double and single.

However, there are also cons to the mattress which is that when the IKEA mattress is first opened it has a chemical scent, but the good thing is that after a few days the smell goes away.

To read more reviews on different IKEA mattresses before you buy visit: Best Ikea Mattress (2022): Our Top Recommendations -

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