Buying a Mattress with Klarna!

Buying a Mattress with Klarna!

So what is Klarna?

Klarna is a buy now pay later service, it lets you spread the cost of a purchase over three payments up to three months or you have the option of paying back in 30 days.

What will I benefit from using Klarna?

Are you in need of a new mattress and can’t afford it right then or don’t have the patience to wait Until payday as the mattress you currently have is uncomfortable? Well, why not use Klarna and have the flexibility of paying back over time. A good mattress gives you the good night's sleep that you deserve, feeling great and ready for the next day!

Is there a catch while using Klarna to buy a mattress?

No there is not a catch, the way I see it is it’s a win-win situation as you can get a new mattress before payday and there are no hidden fees while using the app. Even better Klarna gives their customers regular payment reminders. 

If you are still having doubts about using Klarna well why not check for yourself.

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