Can I Purchase A Bed Frame Without Slats?

Can I purchase a bed frame without slats?

There are bed frames on the market currently that come without the traditional slatted foundation and these are types of bed frames are called solid platform beds.

What is a solid platform bed?

A classic platform bed is created out of a solid material that you can place your mattress right on top of and does not need a box spring. The solid material that can be utilized to make the solid platform bed are wood, metal, plastic, or a type of composite substance. From the list of solid materials, metal is the most durable and presents the smallest amount of resistance in the frame. These types of bed frames are also ready to use as soon as you purchase them as they do not require any additional equipment. 

The solid platform beds are lower to the ground, and are generally not very heavy and can be moved around pretty easily. Platform bed frames are typically easier to shop around for, but what can be challenging is finding the perfect design for you as they come in a range of styles.  

Benefits of a solid platform bed:

The craze over the solid platform bed has increased in recent years this because they have an extremely modern look as the bed looks as if its hovering this is because it does not require a bulky base as a foundation. Platform beds are also extremely customizable which makes it very easy to design the perfect bed frame for you and the style of your bedroom, many of these bedframes can also come with storage compartments too. These beds also make it harder for allergens to collect under the bed as they are closer to the ground, this then consequently helps with allergies too.

Mattresses such as memory foam require an extremely supportive foundation. A flat surface is ideal to escape their concentrated materials from pushing in through the bottom and disturbing you and then affecting the relaxation that the mattress can provide.    

What to look out for when it comes to a platform bed:

The main problem with the flat surface of the platform bed is that it could affect the comfortability of your sleep. A flat surface does not disperse weight and pressure evenly which can cause back and joints pains. Due to this the mattress can start to feel firmer, inadequately supported particularly if you are a larger individual. Many people think that their mattress is the culprit that is causing their mattress not to provide enough comfort, but it usually is the platform that is creating these problems. This is why its important to check that your mattress is compatible with a flat surface, and is thick enough to support you and your pressure points. 

Mattresses are designed to absorb body heat and moisture and then dissolve it through the seams and the air flow system. When the mattress is placed on a flat surface the procedure is interrupted and this could lead to moisture developing under the mattress over a period of time which grow mould and fungi. There are a range of methods to fight against this, you can dot this by airing out your mattress consistently, or try using a mattress protector to avoid this occurrence.

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